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INBA Victoria Oct 10th 2020

A New Way to Purchase Your Photos


BAN Studios has a new way to purchase photos this year, with more flexible options and faster delivery!  You no longer have to “pre-purchase” photo packages before a show. Instead, after the show is finished and all the stage photos are ready, you can build your own photo package.  Not only will this allow you to see your photos before buying them and have direct control over which ones you want, it will also allow for instant delivery and easier downloading.  We think it’s a better way to deliver photos, and we’re excited to share it with you this year.  


The steps below tell you exactly how to purchase the photos.  You can also register to receive an email the moment the photos are ready for viewing and purchasing.  Just click HERE to register.

Steps to Purchase Photos 


  1. Go to the Galleries 
    We work very hard to get all the photos published as quickly as possible, usually within days of a show.  Once they are published you can choose the gallery you want to see right here on this page.

  2. Search for your stage number 

    A new way to find your photos! When you’re looking at a gallery or album you can now search the galleries for your stage number.  Click the magnifying glass at the top of the gallery and put your stage number into the search box. It’s important to note that if you competed across multiple divisions, you may have to search those specific galleries or albums as well.  And of course, you can always browse through all the photos the old fashioned way using the right and left arrows.

  3. Star your favourite photos
    Everyone has a favourite!  You can use the Star button to select your favourite photos, and you definitely should take advantage of this feature. This will particularly come in handy when it’s time to buy a package, as your favourite photos will already appear in a nice list for you.  It also allows you to leave your session and come back later to see what you have selected. You will be asked to enter your email address during this step. This is so there is an account to save your favourite photos.

  4. Select a package  

    Select the Buy Package button and you’ll see the options available. The current packages are:
    Individual Photo - $11
    5 Photo package - $49
    10 Photo Package - $89
    20 Photo Package - $139

    Choose the package that you want, and then you’ll be prompted to complete your selections.

  5. Complete your package

    Select your photos by clicking the gray plus button, and selecting from the gallery.
    This is where your Favourites come back into play. You can select Favourites at the top, and it will display your list. Or you can simply browse through the gallery.

  6. Complete your purchase

    Do the money thing to complete your purchase. 

  7. Receive your photos 

    This is the fun part!  You’ll receive an email from Shootproof with a link to download all your photos.  Be sure and save them to your phone and computer once you do so you can see the full resolution versions, and share them on your favourite social media platform(kidding, we already know your favourite is the Gram). 

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