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A New Way to Purchase Your Photos

BAN Studios has a new way to purchase photos, with more flexible options and faster delivery!  You no longer have to “pre-purchase” photo packages before a show. Instead, after the show is finished and all the stage photos are ready, you can build your own photo package.  Not only will this allow you to see your photos before buying them and have direct control over which ones you want, it will also allow for instant delivery and easier downloading. You'll be able to by individual photos, or packages of 5, 10, 20, or ALL your photos.  Follow the link above to see the galleries.


Want more instructions?  Read How to Purchase Photos below to see the steps. 



BAN Studios also offers the option to purchase HD video from the event.  On offer is a personalized highlight video of yourself edited for social media, which will be up to 1m 30s.  The highlight includes all your best moments from the stage and can be set to music of your choosing.  The highlight video also comes with additional bonus stage footage, unedited, showing extra video we captured that didn't make it into the highlight. This bonus footage usually includes a majority of your stage time, routines, and awards, but is not the entire show. Videos can be purchased through the photo gallery link above. 

Sample highlight video from Olympia last year
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