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INBA Team Australia October 30th 2021







Stage Photos are Ready!
Follow the links below to see the galleries.
And if you're not sure how to buy photos, scroll down past the galleries to see all the options.
Don't forget, you can search by your stage number in the gallery to see individual photos!  Group photos
however are not tagged with your stage number, so you'll just have to browse the old fashioned way(distracted while Netflix is on).

All Albums Gallery

Body Quest
Ink and Tattoo
Men's Bodybuilding
Men's Pro Bodybuilding
Men's Classic Physique
Men's Pro Classic Physique
Men's Physique
Men's Pro Physique
Men's Sports Model
Men's Theme Wear
Women's Angels
Women's Bikini
Women's Bodybuilding
Women's Classic Figure
Women's Evening Gown
Women's Figure
Women's Pro Figure
Women's Fitness
Women's Physique
Women's Pro Physique
Women's Sports Model
Women's Pro Sports Model
Women's Swimsuit


On Demand

Didn't have a chance to watch the show on the day?  You can watch it all back on the On Demand page!  The morning show is presented as the full live stream.  And the afternoon show is divided into episodes for each category. 

There are two steps to get your access.

1. Purchase Your Access Here

Follow the steps to create your logon and purchase your access.  

2. Log in to the On Demand Page Here

Once you have your logon created you can use that to access the special event page.  

Livestream Episodes.JPG

A New Way to Purchase Your Photos

BAN Studios has a new way to purchase photos, with more flexible options and faster delivery!  You no longer have to “pre-purchase” photo packages before a show. Instead, after the show is finished and all the stage photos are ready, you can build your own photo package.  Not only will this allow you to see your photos before buying them and have direct control over which ones you want, it will also allow for instant delivery and easier downloading.  We think it’s a better way to deliver photos, and we’re excited to share it with you this year. Read How to Purchase Photos below to see the steps. 

New Products

We are now offering personalized collages and mosaic prints, as well as a heap of additional printing options.  Read below about your personalized options, and be sure to check out all the options once the galleries are live.


If you already know you will want ALL of your photos from the show, there is a purchase option below to do just that.  Finish the purchase and we'll set up a gallery and send it to you. 



BAN Studios also offers the option to purchase HD video from the event. Your purchase will include 2 videos.  The first is a highlight video of yourself edited for social media, which will be under 60 seconds.  The second is the full footage from all your stage time, showing your group shots, walks, routines, and awards.  This video is of an individual, not of the entire show, and as such does not show competitors from divisions in which you did not compete.  Videos are usually delivered within 2 weeks of the show or purchase.  The purchase option for videos is above.  

Poster Nationals Red Becc Cox A3.jpg
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